June Lake, CA

June lake is often referred to as the “Little Switzerland or the Sierras”. It is a small mountain Hamlet in a horseshoe shaped valley of 10,000-12,000 ft high mountains with five lakes and a ski resort. It is a great summer and winter recreational destination area.

The project master plan and structure design continues the scale of the existing town structures with one, two, and three-story size structures with parking on the lower back side of the property from the main street. The master plan at streel level creates a pedestrian promenade to the village.

The architectural character of the Brewery and General store is contemporary mountain rustic with shed roofs to retain snow for snow storage issues and for solar panels.

The two-story 1 & 2 unit condo structures (cabin like) are spaced in a major grove of large pine trees and have complex detailing.

The five two-story mixed use structures of retails, food service, and office space also utilize snow storage roof systems designed to meet the local heavy snow conditions.