Houston, TX

The house and grounds were planned around every pine tree and the Buffalo Bayou flood control easement through the property. We redesigned the bayou into a “natural” landscaped feature and play area. This project started as a 1 acre 12,000 square foot Spanish eclectic residence and grew into 4 acres and 23,000 square feet of structures. A formal approach and great lawn with native pines separate the 18,000 square foot house from the entertainment and guest facilities. These facilities include a solid limestone salt-water pool, fully equipped gym, barbeque, kitchen and dining hall, bar and guest house. All of the limestone, travertine and roof tiles were collected from old European structures by this office.

“My wife and I interviewed over 10 famous residential architects from New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas and Los Angeles. The entire process was a turnoff as no principal actually appeared at the interview and the firm representatives dictated their work process which did not allow for our personal thoughts. We were about to abandon the project when we discovered Ewing Architects. Doug actually showed up at the interview personally and made a great presentation of his work and asked us what our goals, requirements and wishes were for the house. We hired him immediately and his firm created an incredible house and grounds incorporating all of our ideas.”
– Daniel Friedkin, Owner

American Institute of Architects

San Fernando Valley Chapter
Design Award 2015