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Malibu, CA

This 10 acre site is nestled in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains with stunning 180 degree views of the Pacific Ocean. The 11,500 square foot terraced residence is designed to be energy efficient and sensitive to its environment. The concept for this four level contemporary residence is based on three habitable levels of flexible, open plan areas that frame views of the mountains and Ocean. Each floor is built into the existing hillside to minimize site grading and could be modified to the individual buyer’s requirements. The lower floor leads to meandering wilderness trails that extends down to the native meadow, vineyards and gardens. The surrounding hillside might be developed to provide terraced vineyards or fruit trees.

Sustainable concepts are used throughout the design including
Ample natural delighting thought the house, balanced cut and fill minimizing site grading, low impact construction and xeriscaping allowing 99% of site to remain native in order to preserve the existing ecosystem, like wise for the Native grass roofs on second & third floors, additionally the Solar panel array on the top roofs provide for pool& residence water heating


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