Pasadena, CA

This 31,000 square foot book store and paseo along with adjoining 6-screen movie theater and restaurant was the first phase of a major plan to revitalize the Playhouse District in Pasadena. A street side cafe and newsstand, and a pedestrian paseo linking the theater to the multi-purpose quadrangle and theater create a festive atmosphere. The two story block-like contemporary design blends itself nicely into the fabric of “old town” Pasadena, just down the street.

Significance: This project was the impetus for revitalization of the Playhouse District of Pasadena, which is still developing to this date

“Doug Ewing took our existing 1950’s bookstore, doubled it’s size, to over 30,000 SF, and master planned an adjoining theater complex in the heart of Pasadena. The Bookstore/Theater serves as the center of the Pasadena Playhouse District and helped inspire, shape and promote further development in the surrounding blocks. We think it is a great project!

Doug has a great sense of design, color and space. He also has a unique ability to understand the use of space from the retail perspective of a Bookstore/Theater to the use of a building for the Boy Scouts or senior living. In the end, it is the architect’s job to be sure the building functions for its’ intended use AND add design skills that make a building unique, special, eye-appealing and beautiful, but at the same time, blend with its’ neighbors enhancing the total environment.

Doug Ewing and his staff have the complete package of architectural/design and build skills that it takes to create truly great buildings, spaces and environments.”

-Joel Sheldon, Owner


American Institute of Architects

Pasadena & Foothill Chapter
Merit Award 1997

Pasadena Beautiful Foundation

Urban Design Award, 1995