Cielo Vista RanchSan Luis, CO

Cielo Vista Ranch

San Luis, CO

CIELO VISTA RANCH SAN LUIS, CO IN DESIGN: High Elevation camp for extreme sports. 11,500′ elevation. BACK TO WHAT'S...
June Lake RevitalizationJune Lake, CA

June Lake Revitalization

June Lake, CA

JUNE LAKE REVITALIZATION June Lake, CA June lake is often referred to as the “Little Switzerland or the Sierras”. It is a small mountain Hamlet in a horseshoe shaped valley of 10,000-12,000 ft high mountains with five lakes and a ski resort. It is a great summer and...
Hillside CrematoryRose Hills, CA

Hillside Crematory

Rose Hills, CA

HILLSIDE WITNESS CREMATORY Rose Hills, CA BUILDING SIZE: A new 930 sq.ft. dual retort witness crematory, plus 1,500 sq.ft. of garden and accessibility improvements. The existing chapel has 500 sq.ft. of modifications to provide casket & handicap access to the new...